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Greenfield Tech Projects is the flagship company of Aavishkar and Aavishkar Machinery Pvt Ltd. which has under its fold, Greenfield Projects & Greenfield Tech Projects. Greenfield Tech Projects is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing engineering equipments, actively associated with product development, utilization of wastes and recycled products for valued addition in various industries. It is a technology focused engineering & project execution company.

Greenfield Tech Projects pursuit of excellence is driven by a visionary management, motivated team of qualified engineers, experienced managers & supervisors, skilled technicians and labor, dedicated administrative and support staff, state of the art equipment and a growing family of satisfied clients.

Vision & Mission

All our equipment designed is based on the key factor “ Low power consumption, better fuel efficiency and environment friendly.”

Greenfield Tech Projects is a fully customer oriented company and believes strongly in client satisfaction. Constant emphasis and commitment to quality products, excellent service and good client relationship are the hallmarks of its underlying principles. The growing number of its clients bears testimony.

Our Product 

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