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Muller Mixer

The Muller type mixer provides additional mixing forces over that of more conventional mixers to assure that the total mixture prepared is of uniform consistency. Unlike conventional mixing, mulling provides forces that incorporate kneading, shearing, smearing, and blending of materials for total uniform consistency. This process produces just enough pressure to move, intermingle and push particles into place without crushing, grinding, or distorting the ingredients. The result is a final mixture of truly uniform consistency in both physical and chemical structure.

Mulling is an extension of Muller Mixture, mixing resulting from the intensification of work forces The work forces are applied via the tread of weighted mulling wheels. The weight, and thereby the mixing efficiency, is controlled through a spring suspension arrangement on the wheel that is fully adjustable and allows the user to increase or decrease the amount of work that is applied to the mixture via the mulling wheel.

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