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Pulse Jet Filter Unit

The pulse jet filter is an effective and widely proven system. Its high dust collection efficiency at low cost is the basis for its wide application. The pulse jet filter consists of a bag house comprising of filter bags with the supporting cages ventures, hopper for the collection of the dust header air distribution pipes, pulse valves and centrifugal fan. The filter module is designed around the seal frame. This is a formed plate containing a series of parallel slots into which a set number of filter cartridges are inserted.

Cyclone Separator

Cyclone Separator are ideal for separating dust with particle size greater than 5 um. Cyclone Separator provides a very cost effective solution to the problems of dust collection, materials and for conveying bark and chips.

Cyclone Separator unit basically consists of a cylindrical and a conical portion. As the dust leaden air enters the inlet port, it spirals downwards in an outer vortex and comes out of the unit in an inner vortex. It uses centrifugal force for the separation of particles. Centrifugal action causes the air material to move around the inside walls of the cyclone, from where the material drops by force of gravity at the bottom leaving the air to escape through the top.

Cyclone Separator Salient Features:

  • Low resistance to flow
  • Simplicity and reliability
  • No moving parts
  • Low maintenance requirements

Centrifugal Blowers

Centrifugal blowers comprises of hosting, impeller and drive arrangement. The housing is of sheet iron with circular inlet and rectangular outlet. Centrifugal air blowers are designed and manufactured in different ranges. The basic difference lies in the design of the impeller. The impellers are precision balanced for smooth vibration less operation. The fans can be fabricated in M.S., Stainless Steel, Aluminum, etc., depending on the kind of application. Various coatings such as F.R.P., Hot Dip Galvanizing, Epoxy, etc., are also available as an option.

Wet Scrubbers

Our wet scrubbers are designed to control and scrub the toxic fumes from the various processes. The wet scrubber units can be manufactured in mild steel with various linings such as FRP, Rubber Lining, Zinc coating etc. Wet scrubbers can also be supplied in stainless steel, complete FRP and PP. complete turnkey jobs are also undertakes by us.

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