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Greenfield Tech Projects is the flagship company of Greenfield Tech Projects which has under its fold, Greenfield Projects. Greenfield is pioneer in designing and manufacturing engineering equipments, actively associated with product development, utilization of wastes and recycled products for valued addition in various industries. It is a technology focused  & project execution engineering company.

Carrying more than 30 years of Engineering Excellence Legacy, Greenfield has established its name as one of the best in its operational areas.



At Greenfield Tech Projects there is a continued R&D to convert industrial wastes, which are either health hazards or ends up as a waste to be dumped for value addition.

This not only helps in reduced manpower for cleaning, reduced waste products but also helps industrialists having new projects to generate better revenues and employment.

Currently we have successfully implemented our work on following industries:


Features & Advantages

We are with the best use of technology by introducing newly Techno Designed Equipment. This apart from bringing economy contributes in minimal investment & minimal manpower.

Practically, nil maintenance, minimal down time, pollution free plants and continuous operations are the USPs of our machineries.

Greenfield is established as a one stop shop in converting WASTE TO WEALTH.

We at Greenfield always strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and aim to share a long lasting growing relationship with our customers.

Here, we think beyond innovation; we try to give shape and dimensions to imaginations. Energy conservation is a silent message we try to convey to the industries. Our high efficient equipment for grinding, crushing, material handling, screening, etc reduces down power costs, and come with increased economy to the entrepreneurs. Tailor designed machines are developed to suit every industry, depending upon their material composition, location and budget.

All our equipments designed are based on the key factor “Low power consumption, better fuel efficiency and environment friendly.”

Our Team

Greenfield pursuit of excellence is driven by a visionary management, motivated team of qualified engineers, experienced managers & supervisors, skilled technicians and labour, dedicated administrative and support staff, state of the art equipment and a growing family of satisfied clients.

We also take the investment into consideration calculating in a system where the equipment has a pay back within 12 months.

Power and Fuel are the two costly aspects in any industry and every industry is trying the best to economize it. We at Greenfield have our thinking tanks progressive in R & D, working 24/7 to provide an economy package in terms of providing high efficient, environment and user friendly equipments at all stages of production.

A well groomed team of technocrats are deployed from head quarters at immediate call to attend trouble shooting and to train the staff for maintenance free operation. Immediate spares for our equipments can be made available at the shortest notice. The projects we undertake have the minimum gestation period with prices affordable.


cutting edge technologies with new hi-tech innovations are required in all sectors right from reducing unnecessary man power, electrical consumption, increased productivity through the existing system will be required to grow.

During the period of global recession Greenfield had let open all its think tanks and test engines to come out with low cost equipment, with greater efficiency in terms of electrical consumption, man power requirement and monitoring all other factors for enhanced production and economy.

A damage control exercise can be done on those plants who are having higher production cost due to many factors like under capacity equipments. Equipment not giving the desired output, stretched up lay out that involve more man power and electricity and many more unseen problems which keeps the profits down stream. Greenfield can offer you solutions for such damage control exercise with an experienced team and know how.

Today we strongly feel our existence in the global map of equipment manufacturers because of our drive for innovation, cutting edge technology with a focus on the Indian Industries, mines in Tanzania and projects in pipe line in Sri Lanka.

GREENFIELD TECH PROJECTS has signed M.O.U. with ET Wizzards Inc, Raleigh, NC, USA for all complete Environmental, Pre-Mining, Information and Spatial Information Technology Turnkey Projects.

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