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White Fused Alumina (WFA) is a highly pure form of aluminium oxide which is suitable for use with stainless steel and aluminium. This iron-free, reusable blasting medium is angular, brittle and hard. It has a powerful abrasive effect on the surface being blasted. White fused alumina belongs to the group of fused alumina.

Waste Commercialisation

With more than 30 years of commercial waste recycling experience, Greenfield has the industry knowledge required to dispose of your waste in a lawful and environmentally sound manner

We can customize your commercial waste recycling solutions to fit your business needs — always striving to help you reduce costs while assuring proper disposal of your waste. Depending on your specific waste-removal needs, we can provide continuous service as well as temporary assistance for short-term projects.

We look forward to engineer your waste

  • Coal / Coke / Activated carbon fines are converted to pellets with addition of a good complex binder and the pellets have good green strength and can be used in the furnace.
  • Applications of Bauxite for manufacturing Refractory Grade High Alumina Cement and Binder.
  • Iron removal from Bauxite and Manganese Ore.
  • Sulphur reduction in Pet coke.
  • Carbon Cathode Treatment – Reuse.
  • Processing of Tobacco leaves with minimum human involvement.
  • Application of Low grade ores to maximize Production and Economy
  • Wet Grinding Ballmills for Insecticides, Pesticides and Fertilizers.
  • Blast Furnace Slag Crushing.
  • Grinding and Processing to GGBS.
  • Processing of Industrial Waste Sludge.

Plastic Waste to Bricks

Plastic is the very hazardous material and very difficult to decompose it is main problem in the world. Use of plastic is high in our daily life such as polythene bags, disposals, furniture’s, packing food packets and other accessories. Plastic is vary in large and various types according to their chemical composition. So, to separation of plastic wastes and mainly big problem in front of us. Nowadays, in the world plastic deposited by burning procedure. They emit large amount of hazardous and toxic gases.

These gases effect on the human health and also living animals. Human suffers by the toxic gases such as cancer, high blood pressure, Asthma.etc We are not completely able to stop the use of plastic but we are able to recycle and reuse it by many ways and minimum effect on environment.

One such effort is the efficient use of waste plastic and laterite quarry waste with a small quantity of bitumen, to develop an alternative building material such as bricks with negligible water absorption and satisfactory strength in comparison with Laterite stone to satisfy the increasing demand of conventional building materials.

We use such recycle plastic in the various industries such as construction, transportation, manufacturing .etc. In construction industry, larger cost of project is include in Materials up to 60% to 70% of the total cost of the project. So, construction industry large amount of bricks are used and they available in various forms such as clay bricks, concrete bricks, fly ash bricks and foam bricks. In this project, we try to use wastes plastic to manufacture the bricks and increase the strength and achieve economy so the people can easily afford this type of bricks.

Offering Complete Processing Plant for, Export Oriented Ultra fine pozzolonic fly ash for utilization in high grade concrete

The high value of the computer recycling subset of electronic waste (working and reusable laptops, desktops, and components like RAM) can help pay the cost of transportation for a larger number of worthless pieces than can be achieved with display devices, which have less (or negative) scrap value.

Most electronic waste goes through a recycling system called a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), which not only recycles 95-98%, by weight, of all e-waste passed through it, but ensures that any data left on hard drives and memories are thoroughly destroyed too.


Reuse and Recycle Sludge- Chemical/ Biochemical / Sewage / Organic / Textile / Sludge is not what it is treated as. Every sludge do contain some elements that can be used if proper detection, analysis and method is adopted. They have useful elements in them that can be utilized for various industries and can fetch a price.

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