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Greenfield Tech Projects Covid -19

Greenfield Tech Projects’s – Walkway – Cleansing System / Disinfection Chamber

In India, few people are manufacturing Sanitization chambers using SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE whose use is rejected by WHO. Some are using OZONE, which is again a water disinfectant, and not air, in any case. This Sanitization is harmful and sooner or later will be removed by the authorities.

Greenfield Tech Projects in its jest to develop critical industrial issues whether its fuel crisis, industrial crisis, waste product disposal and management system or now on the global life-saving Cleansing system” the need of the hour today” a small scale set up is being established with the use of skin-friendly and absolutely safe liquid which is 100% disinfectant an R&D of Greenfield Tech Projects. This few steps Cleansing walkway System ensures complete Cleansing from germs and viruses as it fogs the complete walkway with a disinfectant liquid. The fogging spray starts as soon as one enters the chamber, which is operated either through a load cell device or a limit switch.

This comes with a UV table that disinfects your belongings like mobiles, keys, Specks, Watches, Wallets, and other small belongings

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