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Hepa Purifier

Influenza/ Corona virus spreads from person to person mainly through fine liquid droplets, or aerosols, that become airborne when people with flu cough, sneeze, or talk. In the constant battle against the spread of infectious diseases, scientists are continually on the hunt for new protective gears that specifically target pathogenic microbes. The research team found that continuous low doses of far ultraviolet C (far-UVC) light could kill airborne flu viruses without harming human tissues.

UVC light in hospitals, offices, schools; airports, airplanes, public spaces and even homes could provide a powerful check on seasonal influenza/ Corona virus epidemics, as well as influenza pandemics.

Unfortunately, you can’t purify the outdoor air but on the other way, you can improve the quality of the indoor air.

The only gadget that can help you do this is UVC ray HEPA PURIFIER


Salient Features

  • Healthy air throughout the day and energizes the aura of the room
  • Hepa Purifier purifies the air around and makes it odor-free and allergen-free air.
  • The given air purifier is compact in size and is appreciated for its superior quality dust cleaning capacity which provides clean air. It hardly has any maintenance.

Compact design.

Traps Allergens: HEPA Filter captures 99.97% of dust andallergens as small as .3 microns such as household dust, pet dander, mold spores and plant pollens

* UV-C light goes beyond filtration to kill germs : UV-C light destroys the DNA of germs eliminating their ability to reproduce.

  • Dimensions (Overall) in mm : 350 (H) x 300 (W) x 300(D)
  • Weight : 800 gms
  • Includes : Hepa Filter
  • Room Size Range : 100 to 300 sq. ft.
  • Number of Settings : 1
  • Power Source : Electric
  • Features : Easy Filter Change, Quiet Operation, Antibacterial Filter & Germicidal UV Technology,
  • Filter Type : HEPA
  • Allergens Captured : Bacteria, Odors, Viruses, Pollen, Pet Dander
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