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Hygiene Hook

Now in India “Out of the box” covid cases are increasing with. the graph rising at its peak. Flattening the curve is important. Protective gears may be mandatory soon.

Salient Features

It is meant to be used by everyone including Doctor, Nurses, Industry Workers, Office Staff, Professionals or Anyone in their day to day work.

  • This Hygiene Hook is sanitised and mirror polished of food grade Stainless steel material.
  • Use our Hygiene Hook for trolleys, doors, car, lift, ATM & mobile screen stylus, moving chairs, flushing toilet and carrying grocery bags etc
  • Easy To Use-Ergonomic design.
  • Go Vocal with Local

KAVACH is a brand promoted by GREENFIELD PROJECTS, pioneering the engineering industry for over 3 decades. Catering globally with the motto “Innovation beyond Imagination” On a philanthropic modus operandi, again with a motto “Innovation for health”



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