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Mineral Processing Equipment

The process of extracting desired valuable mineral from the raw materials received from ores or any other source is commonly known as mineral processing. Lots, of different techniques and equipment are involved in the mineral extracting process.

Basic Steps and Equipment Involved in Mineral Extraction are-

  • Division of raw material on the basis of their nature after receiving it from mineral ores.
  • Breaking into smaller particles if available raw material is bigger in size and it’s known as commination. They are generally reduced by using equipment like a grinder or crusher for breaking them in small size particles or for forming a desired consistency paste.
  • After that division of materials takes place on the basis of their nature and size and this process is known as sizing and it can be done by using different sizing equipment that mainly works on different basic principles likes rotatory motion, vibration or separated by washing.
  • Main minerals are extracted from the raw materials received from previous above steps and this process of mineral separation is known as concentration. The equipment used depends on the nature of material. It can be sometimes simply sorted by hands in some cases, or can be separated by using gravitation force, froth floatation, magnetic separator, etc. concept based equipment.

The equipment provided by Greenfield Tech Projects is made using the latest technology and are well equipped with latest features. The very wide range of the reliable and extremely good quality equipment, mineral processing equipment is available for serving several purposes. Well designed that can be easily maintained and repaired in cases of any problem.

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